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 Holiday Pet Safety

Holiday celebrations can spoil your good cheer when a pet has to visit the emergency hospital.

  • CHOCOLATE- Toxic to dogs and cats
  • SWEETS & BAKED GOODS – these are too rich for pets.  Many ingredients are linked to liver failure in dogs.
  • TURKEY & SKIN –  Sometimes even small amounts can cause a life threatening  condition know as pancreatitis.
  • TABLE SCRAPS – Onions, raisins & grapes poisonous!  Others difficult to digest and can cause serious Gastrointestinal issues.

Keep your pets’ healthy this season.

Passionate about your pet’s!

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Welcome to Raeford Animal Clinic, PA!

Dr. Tate has practiced medicine since 1961 and  we look forward to serving you at Raeford Since 1978. Tate, Dr. Williams, Dr. Seals & Dr. Schoenfiled.   He has operated five hospitals over the years.   We offer grooming, by appointment,  and boarding.



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To provide high quality companion animal care and to strive to continuously improve the quality and to provide this care at a cost that is both fair and reasonable. In addition, employer shall attempt to provide a working environment that is professional, pleasant and rewarding to its entire staff and facilities accommodating to clients.






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